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Maintenance, Repair, and Replace

Irrigation systems can be low maintenance, but we do recommend that you have a certified technician to perform seasonal inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Many things can go wrong such as clogging of the lines, broken parts, leaky valves, broken pipes,… Basically, anything mechanical will eventually need repair or replacement. Regular maintenance will ensure the delivery of moisture to your plant life.

Seasonal care should also include winterizing and spring start-up.

We also don’t recommend that you drag your hose around to hydrate your lawn, plants, and trees because your system isn’t working properly. Make an appointment with one of our certified irrigation technicians. A ZebraScapes supervisor will make a visit to make assessment on a new design or your existing irrigation system. We will also give you an estimate on any required repairs.

We offer the following commercial and residential irrigation services:

  • Design and installation
  • Upgrades and maintenance to existing systems
  • Valve checks, replacement, and repair
  • Backflow prevention installation and repair
  • Timer installation and programming
  • Rain Sensor installation and programming
  • Multi-Station programming and setting
  • Full drip system installation
  • Winterization and spring start up

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