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ZebraScapes Landscaping Irrigation Design and Installation

Living in the high desert of Northern Arizona water, is just as much valuable to us as, the rest of the southwest. With the on going drought and new ordinance's being enforced, it is clear the future in smart irrigation is a good conservation plan. Let us help you in being a part of the solution to this ever growing problem. We as community can work together to find practical solutions.

Water is vital for healthy lawns, plants, and trees. How efficiently water is distributed to those areas is critical. ZebraScapes can customize an irrigation system that is unique to your property, optimizing efficiency and delivering consistent moisture to the roots while, at the same time, conserving water.

In support of landscapes typical in the Southwest, our irrigation design and services reinforce responsible water use. We use quality parts for a tech-friendly system, which will keep your lawn, plants, and trees well watered. We can install a Bluetooth operating system, that allows you to use a smartphone to control your irrigation system from anywhere.

ZebraScapes has a Certified Irrigation Technician who can work with you on design and installation of new irrigation, repair of an existing system, or provide maintenance services (Winterizing and Spring start up).

We offer the following commercial and residential irrigation services:

  • Design and installation
  • Upgrades and maintenance to existing systems
  • Valve checks, replacement, and repair
  • Backflow prevention installation and repair
  • Timer installation and programming
  • Rain Sensor installation and programming
  • Multi-Station programming and setting
  • Full drip system installation
  • Winterization and spring start up

We can also help you with installation of lawns,
plants and trees.

ROC#270393, and are Licensed, Bonded & Insured.


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